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Item FR007 packed with plastic box
 Size  1800x1800mm
 Material  Glass fiber
Product Description: High performance fire distinguishing blanket is made of glass fiber, very specially provided by DSW. Its high quality will ensure you easily put off an fire whenever it occurs.
Fire Blanket is a man-made fiber drill fabric, made of a kind of specially treated glass fiber, smooth, soft, with high density and without any irritation to the skin of mankind. It is 0.43mm thick and it is the best protective material for human being or any object, which require protection from high heat. Furthermore, it can be easily wrapped on any irregular objects. It can be used repeatedly as long as it is not damaged. When compared with the other kinds of fire distinguishers, you will find that: A) No invalidity; B) No pollutions of any kind to the environment after being used; C) A good insulation material and can withstand a very high temperature. 
Since Fire Blanket is a kind of very soft fire distinguishing device. At the very beginning of a fire accident, it can be used to insulate the fire from oxygen, thus controlling the fire. In addition, it can be used as a protective device when people escaping from the fire. What he/she need to do is to wrap his/her body with the blanket. Thanks to its special feature of fire- and temperature-resistance, it can protect the people very well during their escape from the fire. It is also suitable to be used when welding or cutting something at a very high temperature at the site of a shopping mall, super market, hotel or public facilities. It can be used to reduce sparks caused by the said welding or cutting processes or used to separate any combustible or explosive material from the sparks so as to prevent a fire accident.
The product can be easily carried, easily & quickly used, environmentally friendly and without any pollution, the best choice for fire prevention, to put off a fire as well as for any emergency. It is better not to use it for ever but you cannot afford not to have it when necessary.
The three (3) most popular specifications of Fire Blanket are as follows:
(1) 1M x 1M
(2) 1.2M x 1.2M
(3) 1.8M x 1.2M
Other specifications including:  1.2Mx1M; 1.5Mx1M; 1.8Mx1M; 1.5Mx1.2M; 1.5Mx1.5M; 1.8Mx1.5M; 1.8Mx1.8M
Specifications for roll packs:  1000Mx50M/roll; 1200Mx50M/roll
Products of the first two specifications are suitable for distinguishing small fire and the 3rd specification can be used for distinguishing bigger fire or used to wrap people for escaping the fire.  Products are to be packaged in RED plastic boxes or RED textile bags, easily released for use.

How To Use The Product:
1. Place the product on the wall at a easily noticed and reached location or inside a drawer.
2. When fire accident occurs, quickly take out the product with both hands pulling the 2 black tapes.
3. Open up the product and hold it in your hand as if you are holding a shield.
4. Use the product to cover up the fire lightly and at the same time, cut off electricity or gas.
5. While the product is covering up the fire, use other measures to distinguish the fire until it is completely off.
6. After the fire has been completely distinguished, take off the product when it has been cooled down and treat it as an inflammable trash.
7. In case the clothes of a person are on fire, please wrap the person with the product to distinguish the fire and call #120 immediately.

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